If you are considering selling your property, winter is a great time to do it in. Naturally, spring and summer seem like the more obvious seasons in which to take the leap, and for some it is. The largest influencers in those seasons are obviously the sunny weather and the likeliness of buyers being in higher spirits than usual. However, winter, and the holiday season in specific, is an ideal time to knock that For Sale board into the ground too. And here’s why…

1. It’s a time to make New Year’s Resolutions
We all make them. Sometimes officially, with a list and an action plan, and sometimes more privately, as perhaps only a mental note. Even though we might not keep to most, the start of a year is a ceremonious time where changes seem more likely to succeed. It is therefore the ideal time to showcase your property. It might just be the change someone is looking for.

2. ’Tis the season to be jolly
Christmas lights, crackling fires, sparkling decorations and the like, all contribute to the cosy, homey feel most buyers are after. In a country where colder months outnumber the hotter ones, a house that makes winter seem dreamy is as good as sold.

3. There is less competition
As most people wait for the hotter months to list their homes the competition will be less fierce. Your property will therefore have less other houses to compete against and will get more of the attention it deserves.

4. Buyers have more time on their hands
During the holidays more people have time for leisure activities. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t allow for all of them to be outside. Stuck indoors for hours at a time could lead to one of two things: ultimate relaxation in a home or serious frustration with it. Those who find themselves annoyed with their properties might want to kill some time trawling property websites.

5. Buyers are more motivated
Buyers who are house shopping during the winter months could perhaps be more motivated than those shopping in the summer. Why? Because making the trip to view the property is much more effort when it’s cold out. Those who were only browsing will put off house hunting for when it is more pleasant outside. This time of the year is therefore a good time to skim off some of the time-wasters.

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