We get it. You’re not selling your home until you find your next one.

One of the things we see here at Key are sellers who are in a hurry to get their home on the market because they have finally found the house they want. That is not the best way to get to market. You are under pressure and, at some level, so are we! If you are looking for a new home, and planning on selling yours when you find it, call us now. We can talk you through what needs to be done to your home, without obligation and in a relaxed way that lets you make commercial decisions not emotional ones – because we know the excitement of finding that dream home!

You can buy without pressure, and then sell the same way. That has to be better in terms of money and time. We won’t instruct with you and leave you! You see, here at Key, we have a set of touch points, checklists and guidelines that we work through with every seller we work with. And those checklists go from the moment you call us until you have packed the truck and moved into your next home. If you are staying in the area, they go beyond that!

So, when you are ready for a partnership dedicated to making the most of the selling of your home – call us. We are with you all the way.

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