Increasing the value of your property pre-sale doesn’t have to require a team of professionals. Just one weekend dedicated to cleaning, refreshing, tidying and upgrading can put you in great stead for a sale to match.

We’ve put together a quick list of the best value-adding DIY projects to suit a short time frame and shoestring budget.

Refresh an old paint job
There is no easier way to boost a property’s value than a new paint job, which can range from a one-room refresh, to an extensive repaint of the entire home.

For homeowners low on budget and time, focus on painting the main living areas to fix up old paint, cracks and imperfections.

If painting an older property, opt for warmer whites such as an egg or antique white. Contemporary, refurbished properties are more suited to cooler whites, with a grey or beige base.

Create a feature wall
Painting a feature wall can be a valuable method for creating a point of difference on a minimal time-frame. This might be a dark single shade in the main bedroom or a bold dual-colour wall.

“Feature walls, nooks and colour-blocking with tape are all ways to add interest,” says Paul Newman, Key Property’s MD.

When selecting colours for a feature wall, look for shades that will complement the room’s existing furniture and décor items.

“Try using colours to highlight your artwork, a piece of furniture, or match your duvet,” Paul says.

Tidy the exterior
If there is one area of the home you should focus on before a sale, it’s the exterior/common parts. We have said it before in this blog and we will SAY IT AGAIN(!), first impressions count! Seriously!

Start by removing any cobwebs, cleaning the walls and filling in visible cracks (and getting rid of the mouse traps that you’ve had set up for the last four years). Painting the front door a bright colour is another powerful tool for creating colour memories and attracting interest.

“A bright door will help buyers remember the house. Even if buyers don’t like it, it’s quick and easy for them to change,” Paul says.

Install storage shelves
Installing open shelves in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and study is a simple way to integrate more storage into a property, which never goes unappreciated.

Installing hooks, rails or racks to your doors will spruce things up without being too dramatic or involve any structural changes.

Add the finishing touches
If you can’t afford a professional property stylist to decorate your property pre-sale, try these expert tips.

Having decorative items (vases, candle holders and similar) that have a colour theme and style that is carried through the house gives a sense of flow that makes a house feel like a whole, instead of a series of different rooms. Even small updates like replacing the feather inserts in your couch cushions can have a big impact on the feeling of a home.

Remember to declutter surfaces and remove personal possessions in this process, as this allows buyers to better imagine themselves in the space.

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