We like to keep our blogs and posts in line with the discussions we’re having with people every day. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been having a lot of conversations about kitchens and what a kitchen should include to make it appealing to the market (and also functional while it’s being used every day). With that in mind,  we thought I’d put together some simple design tips to ensure your kitchen is a space that is easy and pleasant to work in. Whether you are planning a new kitchen or are starting a renovation, consider the following tips to create a space you’ll love for a love time (and one that will leave a lasting impression on the market when it comes time to sell).

Ample bench space
If you’ve ever suffered a kitchen with minimal counter-tops, you’ll know it can really limit the food you prepare. More is definitely more when it comes to bench space.

Open-plan layout
Having an open-plan kitchen will encourage the family to come together in the space, rather than dispersing into their rooms only to emerge for their already prepared meal.

 Take note of the kitchen triangle
Interior-design buffs refer to the sink, stove and refrigerator as the kitchen triangle – the area we move between most while preparing food. Be mindful not to obstruct this space.

Storage know-how
Ensure you have adequate storage that is easily accessible. If you’re building with kids in mind it’s crucial to have some areas that are out of reach, but make sure not to go overboard with the height.

Light it up
A kitchen is not the place to skimp on lighting – it is absolutely necessary for both safety and atmosphere. Aim for energy efficient general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to cover all your bases.

Incorporate an island bench
A island bench will help make the space a little friendlier, provide for a place to sit and eat within the kitchen itself (handy for production line-like breakfasts before school) and can add sneaky storage too. Just be mindful of the kitchen triangle (the working space between the sink, refrigerator and stove top) when laying it out.

Gas vs. electric
Any keen cook will tell you gas is the way to go for stove-top cooking, while electric ovens make the better bakers. If your home has access to gas, we’d say go for it.

The kitchen really is one of the most important rooms of the home, both as a space for the family to come together and in terms of selling down the track. When designing a new/ renovated Kitchen or simply looking at Kitchen’s as part of the house you’re going to buy, make sure it ticks as many boxes as it can.

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