Today is World Tourism Day. A day on which to celebrate the love of travel and all that it represents, including diverse attractions, cultures, cuisines and more. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), a massive 1.235 billion travellers crossed international borders in 2016 alone. A number that is set to increase to 1.8-billion by 2030. Even in tough economic times, tourism remains one of the most popular industries. Why? Because travel enriches body, mind and soul. So much so, that more and more Britons are investing in apartments, villas and homes in holiday destinations abroad.

In light of this we look at some of the current trendiest tourism destinations, not only for travel but also for buying and investing in property.

Our Top 5 Holiday Property Hot Spots

1. Portugal
Home to one of Europe’s top beach destinations, Algarve, colourful Portugal offers the tourist a bit of everything. Beaches, historical sites, hiking, golfing, shopping etc. For the property investor however, it offers more. Through its Golden Visa Programme, which is essentially a residency-by-investment scheme, buying property here is easy. In addition to this, Portugal offers tax advantages, a stable economy and it is also relatively close to Britain, which is of course a plus.

2. Spain
There is a very good reason why this European country is at the top of most peoples’ bucket lists. No, it is not just because of the fiestas, bull fighting and Flamenco dancing, although to be fair, these would be reason enough. Spain is an all-time favourite hotspot because every city, town or island in this country is magnificent. Just think of the 27km Mediterranean coastline in Marbella, the Balearic Islands of Majorca, the vibrant and historical Barcelona, or the infamous nightlife of Ibiza. Spain’s property sector is hot, hot, hot!

3. Chilé
Chilé is located in South America and offers the tourist 6000 km of Pacific coastline, which is perhaps why tourism in this country has increased by 26% over the past few years. Chilé is politically stable, offers modern infrastructure and is tax-friendly to property investors. Its diverse weather conditions make it suitable for all kinds of tourists.

4. Turkey
Where East and West come together… Although it is a fast growing economy, the weak Turkish Lira makes the cost of travelling and living here relatively low. The country offers great beaches, ample historical and cultural attractions and is also very popular for outdoor sporting. Buying a holiday home here is affordable and effortless.

5. Austria
Who doesn’t love a ski holiday? In Austria you get the best of both. The European country is just as admired by tourists in summer with picturesque mountain villas overlooking lakes and other beautiful nature attractions. Austria is also known for its many cultural and historical sites, offering the British property investor a closely located, family holiday destination all-year round.

Finding the right holiday home abroad is no easy feat but this is what our exceptional team of property professionals live for. With offices located in London and Spain and a dedicated international team, we are ideally positioned to find you the property you are after, anywhere in the world.

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