Selling a property can be overwhelming and stressful. Concerns like whether you’ll get the price you want, if your home will attract enough interest and whether it is the right time to sell or not, could easily keep you up at night. And apart from all the physical things you have to get in line in order to get your home show-ready, you have to deal with the emotional aspects too. Saying goodbye to the place you have spent years decorating with memories, is tough. However, with these practical and in-expensive tips you can sell your home faster while simultaneously giving it the send-off it deserves.

Tip 1: De-personalise 
Prospective buyers want to envisage themselves living in your home. This is of course very hard to do if photographs and other paraphernalia of you, the kids and your pets are blurring their vision. Naturally, they are also very curious as to why you are selling your house. Photos of your latest ultrasound on the fridge for example, might create the impression that the house and/or neighbourhood isn’t fit for children.

Tip 2: Create a “homey” feel
Staging your house is essential. You can create a “homey” atmosphere by highlighting those elements that make your house a great place to live. For example; if you have a fireplace and it is cold out – light a fire; if you have a patio with a great view – set a table. In addition to this your home must be clean and tidy, smell fresh, and have zero clutter lying around. Add some fresh flowers in a vase and switch on all the lights.

Tip 3: Improve its curb appeal
First impressions matter, and they are formed from the moment someone approaches your house from the outside. Make your house’s exterior stand out from the rest of the houses on the street for all the right reasons. Give the window frames and door a new lick of paint, plant a few shrubs that are in bloom or add a few striking pot plants.

Tip 4: Fix broken things
The last thing most prospective home buyers want to do is to purchase a house that has a lot of work. Sure, there is a place for fixer-uppers, but if your home doesn’t fit that description then it shouldn’t look like it. Fix the leaking roof and the stain it left behind; fix the window that doesn’t want to open properly or the shower door that doesn’t want to close. Fix it all!

Tip 5: Take multiple, good quality photos
These days anyone with a smartphone can be an avid photographer. There is no excuse to list your house with just a few, poorly taken pictures. Take multiple pictures from various angles. Not only will it help you attract more potential buyers but it will also help to separate the serious buyers from the “just browsing”.
Tip 6: List it everywhere
When it comes to listing opportunities, the online of property websites world is your oyster. Make sure your property is listed on as many quality sites as possible.

Tip 7: Bring in the professionals
Property professionals sell homes for a living. They understand the market, stay on top of property trends and know exactly what your specific home type can sell for. Instead of trying to figure it out all by yourself, partner with a property company that will lead the way.

At Key Property London we take the hassle out of buying and selling. From instruction to completion your property sale will be handled with the utmost of professionalism and benefit from our unique marketing strategy that has been expertly crafted.

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