Why is London the backdrop of so many movies? Why do over 18’s from all over the world pick this city as their gap year destination? And why if you’ve lived here for a bit do you find yourself missing it forever? It is because London is one of the best cities in the world to live and work in, of course. After celebrating the UN’s World Habitat Day earlier this month, we thought it fitting to look at some of the top reasons why London makes such a stand-up and stand-out habitat for those that call it home.

Reason 1: London is one of the leading business capitals in the world

The capital of England has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and will reportedly boast as the fourth largest by 2020. Many banks and large corporations have their headquarters here, which is why business opportunities in the city are of the highest in Britain.

Reason 2: London is a cultural hotspot

London’s list of to-dos is just as (if not more) captivating as New York’s, boasting famous tourist attractions (including four World Heritage Sites) and a nightlife that sets the bar, so to speak. Diversity in this city is a complete understatement. Here, anything and everything goes, from its mixture of foreigners (you’ll hear over 300 different languages here) to the variety of food influences, markets, fashion music, shopping, clubs, bars, pubs and, and, and. Never a dull moment, guaranteed.

Reason 3: London’s transport system is a commuter’s dream

With 8.8 million people living in 1,583 square kilometers, as well as 19-million foreign visitors* per year, how on earth does anyone move about? Thanks to London’s transport system – effortlessly. Impeccable bus routes, Tube schedules that run like clockwork and well-thought out bike lanes make it easy to travel from one point to another in the city. Travelling from London to anywhere else is just as simple with its five major airports, St. Pancreas Railway Station and the Overground.

*According to latest statistics.

Reason 4: London is home to some of the best universities, colleges and schools

Education is the foundation of any individual’s future, and London offers everything parents could want for their children’s schooling. Choose from excellent public schools such as St Paul’s, Westminster and Harrow, renowned international schools, colleges, institutions and universities such as University College London (UCL), Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) etc.

Reason 5: London property unlocks exceptional investment opportunities

Due to London’s allure, investing in property in the capital is always a safe bet. Once your family outgrows a particular flat or home, the rental opportunities for that space will be never-ending.

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